Thursday, June 08, 2006


And now for something completely different - a short blast of manic '90's hardcore from Cleveland's H-100's. There isn't much info on them, other than this blurb from Havoc Records:

Cleveland Ohio's h-100's blast out crucial early 80's style raw thrash. The singer was a teenage kid with a really snotty voice. The rest of the band were thirty-year-old record collector dudes who were there when hardcore ruled and didn't forget. Although the h-100's claim 80's Japanese thrash as their main influence this record reminds me more of early Die Kreuzen, Poison Idea, Toxic Reasons or many other Midwestern thrash bands of the 80's...H-100's were notorious for their outrageous live shows which usually featured fireworks, wrestling moves and throwing everything that wasn't nailed down.

The H-100s released 3 singles - Texas Death Match, Dismantle, and Distort Cleveland before - splitting in early 1996. 3/4 of the band would become 9 Shocks Terror, with Tony Erba & Wedge eventually forming Gordon Solie Motherfuckers. There was reportedly a CD of all three 7"s, but I've never seen it. 1995's Distort Cleveland EP is my favorite of the three records. Take a listen:

H-100s - Brown Sugar.mp3
H-100s - Destroy Cleveland.mp3
H-100s - Shit We Live In Today.mp3
H-100s - Don't Ask Me How I Am.mp3
H-100s - Free.mp3

And for good measure here are two more - "Agitate" is from
Dismantle, "Picked On" is from Texas Death Match
H-100s - Agitate.mp3
H-100s - Picked On.mp3