Monday, May 01, 2006


Is a post on LA's X too pedestrian for the refined and esoteric tastes of the mp3 blogosphere? Fuck if I care. Los Angeles and Wild Gift are both staples in regular rotation at the homestead. I was hooked on the band the minute I heard their shit hot tracks from Decline of Western Civilization. Pure punk rock bliss - I was hypnotized by Billy Zoom and that odd, plastic smile. Anyhow, these early tracks are X at their best. The Adult Books/We're Desperate 7" was released on Dangerhouse in 1978. Both songs were later included on Wild Gift, but these are the definitive versions. The cover art is an absolute killer to boot. "Los Angeles" is from the one-sided Dangerhouse compilation Yes LA. All of these tracks are readily available in some form or another (Dangerhouse Volume 1, Dangerhouse Volume 2, Beyond and Back), but not all on the same release the last time I checked. For your convenience:

from their 1978 debut 7"
X - Adult Books.mp3
X - We're Desperate.mp3

from 1979's Yes LA compilation
X- Los Angeles.mp3

> Is there a better source of amazing band and record info than Break My Face? No, their really isn't. This page has all the info on Dangerhouse Records you've ever wanted to know.
> Nothing in common besides the name, an earlier post on Australia's X