Thursday, May 18, 2006

V/A - New Jersey's Got It?

Satisfying a waaay old request, here's New Jerseys' Got It? Released on Buy Our Records in 1985, the compilation is nothing but Garden State bands. I've been sitting on this one for a good, long while, because honestly it's mostly disposable. Most of the tracks here play like mediocre, second-tier material. The highlights are a deranged Cows like track from Cynamid, a fuzzed out stomper from Pleased Youth, weird, theatrical noise from Children in Adult Jails, and hyperactive thrash from Adrenalin OD. The highlights are listed below: (whole LP can be found here)

Bedlam - Mongoofy.mp3
Bodies in Panic - Wendy O.mp3
Cynamid - Support.mp3
Pleased Youth - Obedience School.mp3
Children in Adult Jails - Fishing for Compliments.mp3
Stetz - Kids Habits.mp3
My 3 Sons - People Who Bleed.mp3
Sacred Denial - What Religion.mp3
Adrenalin OD - Infiltrate The State.mp3

>Strange Reaction has the My 3 Sons 7" available. Check it out
>Many of the bands here were also featured on the Big City - One Big Crowd comp LP. Vinyl Mine gives you the nickel tour.