Monday, May 22, 2006

The Skinnies

Image "on loan" from the generous folks at Killed By Death Records!

Last week I posted on the Shit Dogs, and you, dear readers, underwhelmingly responded with exactly one comment. Well, fuck you I'm going back to the well with some more Louisiana punk rock. This time we have The Skinnies from New Orleans. Their Kill The Beat 7" was released on 'Lectric Eye back in 1978, and has been given the the whole Killed/Hyped/Death treatment. CollectorScum calls it "Classic loser punk". Do you need anything else? Really, both of these tracks are excellent and deserve a listen. Anyone wanting to share info on the band is welcome to comment

Skinnies - I'm a Dullard.mp3
Skinnies - Out of Control.mp3