Monday, May 15, 2006

Shit Dogs

Although the writing doesn't demonstrate it, I often spend several weeks ruminating over posts, playing tracks, and doing research before sitting down to write a post. One of the major frustrations I encounter is having to toss a post when it's discovered that another blog has beaten you to the punch. With all of the punk related blogs out there now it's happening more and more often. Even though it's not an mp3 blog, Agony Shorthand always seems to be one step ahead of me. Hinman usually hits the nail on the head with spot on reviews and great writing style, often leaving me standing with my cock in my hand. Well, fuck it. For the umpteenth time I've been trumped, this time when it comes to the Shit Dogs World War III compilation on Italian label Rave Up. Most of you are aware of the Shit Dogs as a result of their inclusion on the Killed By Death series. Rave Up has compiled the Baton Rouge, Louisiana band's 1980 History of Cheese EP, 1981's You Bet 7", and the Dog Style LP all on release. 22 tracks of lo-fi goof rock that gets compared to the Ramones or The Eat. I think you can still get this one, along with other choice reissues of Louisian greats The Skinnies and Toxin III. Some samples

originally from 1980's The History of Cheese 7"
Shit Dogs - Reborn.mp3
Shit Dogs - Killer Cain.mp3
Shit Dogs - Raw Meat.mp3

originally from 1981's You Bet 7"
Shit Dogs - Calling Dr. Modo.mp3
Shit Dogs - Can Opener.mp3

originally from 1983's Dog Style LP
Shit Dogs - Rats in the Tunnels.mp3

By Request - 2 more from the Shit Dogs (You Bet 7")
Shit Dogs - Under Slithery Moons.mp3
Shit Dogs - Flippin' Burgers.mp3