Thursday, May 11, 2006

Life Sentence

Life Sentence. Shit, I damn near wore out the grooves on their first LP, playing it what seemed to be every day in 1988. I didn't know much about the band at the time, other than that high profile bands such as DRI and Corrosion of Conformity sported their t-shirts in photos. That, and they were pretty smoking live when I finally got the chance to see them. Apparently there was a whole world of drama surrounding the band that I never knew until many years later. If you're interested in tales of drug addiction, legal matters, and band animosity then head over to the Punk Vault and read the comments. As for the music, Life Sentence's 1987 debut LP was pretty killer - breakneck speed, chunky guitar, and all sorts of breakdowns that my brother and I used to slam to in our basement. Ahhh, good times. the second "Life Sentence" LP No Experience Necessary was released in 1989. It was OK but seemed to lack gutfire. A disappointment for me, both then and now. The first album still remains a fun listen though (hot metal licks aside). Hopefully someone will give this a reissue, along with what I've been told is a great pre-album demo. My favorites:

from 1987 s/t LP
Life Sentence - Problems.mp3
Life Sentence - Punks for Profit.mp3
Life Sentence - In The Streets.mp3
Life Sentence - Figure It Out.mp3

from 1989's No Experience Necessary
Life Sentence - Win, Lose, Or Sue.mp3
Life Sentence - No Experience Necessary.mp3