Monday, May 08, 2006

La Peste

I doubt anyone will question the inclusion of La Peste's "Better Off Dead" in the upper echelon of amazing American punk tracks of the '70's. The b-side "Black" is mostly forgetable, but the a-side, oh man, what a great fucking song. On the strength of that one track I picked up the band's 1996's collection on Matador, which contains the band's lone single, latter day recordings, and live tracks from 1979. Everything I had read about La Peste praised their fierce live shows, and most of the live tracks here are indeed pretty hot ( and I'm not one to heap praise on live recordings). Some of the studio tracks are limp ("Let Me Sleep", uggh), but all in all this a mostly solid collection for those with a taste for pop-edged 70's punk. Sure, nothing tops "Better Off Dead", but there are a couple of tracks that almost approach that zenith. I'm pretty sure this is now OOP, but shouldn't be that hard to track down. A couple of my favorites

from the 1978 single
La Peste - Better Off Dead.mp3

live in 1979
La Peste - I Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep.mp3
La Peste - Kindness Invites Abuse.mp3

La Peste - Acid Test.mp3

La Peste - Spymaster.mp3

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