Monday, May 29, 2006

Joy Division

I've been beating myself up trying to decide whether to post the first Joy Division 7" or the band's oft-booted "lost" LP from 1978. Easy solution - why not both? The whole Joy Division story can be found here. My first exposure to the early Joy Division sound came in college. I had only been familiar with the band's "Love Will Tear Us Apart" and the follow up work by New Order. A friend in my dorm had the 12" version of Joy Division's An Ideal For Living, and I was blown away upon my first listen. Despite claiming to "hate" the record, he refused to part with it. Fucker. After graduation I never saw the record again, left with a beat up tape copy until another friend made me a CD-R of not only the single but the band's shelved 1978 album Warsaw. The story as I know it is that the band recorded the album in May of 1978, but rejected it after hearing the final mix. I love this early Joy Division sound, so raw and aggro and unrefined when compared to the band's proper albums.

recorded in December, 1977 while still known as Warsaw. Officially released in 1978
Joy Division - Warsaw.mp3
Joy Division - No Love Lost.mp3
Joy Division - Leaders of Men.mp3
Joy Division - Failures.mp3

recorded in May 1978 but rejected by band. Booted many times over (whole thing here)
Joy Division - They Walked in Line.mp3
Joy Division - Transmission.mp3
Joy Division - Living in the Ice Age.mp3
Joy Division - Shadowplay.mp3

Scans from the excellent Joy Division Central
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The first 7 inch tracks have been included on the Joy Division compilation Substance