Friday, May 26, 2006


Minneapolis' Arcwelder made some beautiful noise in the 90's, releasing 6 albums all told. Fuzzed out guitar, alternating vocals, strong hooks, noisy pop melodies - Arcwelder always reminded of a latter day Husker Du. While still technically an active band, the trio of Scott Macdonald and brothers Bill and Rob Graber haven't released an album in 7 years. Presented for your listening pleasure are Arcwelder's two 7" released on Touch & Go. While not their best work (check the bands sonic masterpiece Pull or the nearly as great follow up Xerxes), these records hold their own. The Raleigh 7" comes from demos recorded prior to Pull in 1992. A more refined version of "Raleigh" made it onto Pull, "Walls" and "Rosa" appear only here. The Captain Allen 7" appeared in 1995 as a stop-gap until Entropy could be released. The gem here is an on the mark cover of the Volcano Suns "White Elephant". I'd love to hear something more from the band, but I'm not holding my breath.

from 1992's Raleigh 7"
Arcwelder - Raleigh.mp3
Arcwelder - Walls.mp3
Arcwelder - Rosa.mp3

from 1995's Captain Allen 7"
Arcwelder - Captain Allen.mp3
Arcwelder - White Elephant.mp3

Not as if anyone would have noticed, but those first two sentences are recycled from an earlier Arcwelder post. I'm just phonin' this shit in now.