Friday, April 21, 2006

V/A - Noise From Nowhere

I'm not sure how many subsequent volumes (10 maybe?) would be released in the series, but the original Noise From Nowhere compilation has the distinction of being the the first release on Arizona's Toxic Shock label. Released in 1983, Noise From Nowhere contained 4 tracks from four under-the-radar bands. Kent State deliver earnest if unremarkable hardcore. Modern Industry's "Out of Focus" is spirited, melodic hardcore - my favorite track on the comp. The flipside features a creepy dirge from Moslem Birth (who would eventually morph into Peace Corpse) and a speedy, snotty rip from Manson Youth. Noise From Nowhere was reissued a couple years back on CD with 3 other early Toxic Shock singles by Peace Corpse, Red Tide, and Massacre Guys. And yes, that's an exploding penis on the cover, courtesy Pushead

Kent State - Breakout Breakfree.mp3
Modern Industry - Out of Focus.mp3
Moslem Birth - Horror Snores.mp3
Manson Youth - Penis Brain.mp3

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- Cover scan from KFTH. My copy has a light blue cover, as do most all of the others I've seen