Saturday, April 15, 2006

V/A - More Songs About Plants and Trees

A quick one to round out the week, More Songs About Plants and Trees was a pro-conservation compilation released on graphic artist John Yates Allied Recordings in 1990. 4 bands, 4 tracks, and a crapload of environmentalist mailing addresses make for a rather uninspiring compilation, but shit, it was in my "to do" pile and the Antischism track is pretty fucking great. Side 1 includes a poppy and melodic track San Francisco's Cringer and pretty mediocre number from the Lookouts. The flipside was always more my speed - screaming anarcho hardcore from South Carolina's Antischism and solid doomcore from NYC's Nausea.

Cringer - Burn Down The Forest.mp3
The Lookouts - Once Upon a Time.mp3
Antischism - Greedy Bastards.mp3
Nausea - Here Today....mp3