Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I've written about Tar before, way back when. I hate to think I'm repeating myself, but when it comes to Tar I think everyone should listen up. From 1988 through 1995 Tar were responsible for some of the finest noise rock to be found, releasing albums and singles on Amrep, Touch & Go, and their own No Blow imprint. With no disrespect to their impressive albums (Jackson and Over and Out top my list), some of Tar's best work appeared on their singles and compilations. Unfortunately, none of these tracks have been reissued. (to my knowledge) Strange Reaction got the ball rolling last summer, posting Tar's second and fourth singles. I figured I'd fill in the blanks by posting the band's first and third single
Play To Win/Mel's was released on the bands own No Blow records in 1988. "Mel's" would be re-recorded for the band's Handsome 12". Solution 8/Non-Alignment Pact was a Europe only AmRep release (I think, no scale number) released in 1991 between the Roundhouse and Jackson albums. Both records are well worth a listen.

from their debut single
Tar - Play To Win.mp3
Tar - Mel's.mp3

from their third single
Tar - Solution 8.mp3
Tar - Non-Alignment Pact.mp3 (Pere Ubu)