Monday, April 03, 2006

The Proletariat

I've always wondered how Taang! records could be responsible for one of the more disappointing reissues (Power by SSD) and one of the absolute best, the 45 track double disc Voodoo Economics and Other American Tragedies by The Proletariat. Where Power disappointed because it lacked completeness, Voodoo Economics throws in everything but the kitchen sink - the Boston Not LA and Unsafe At Any Speed tracks, both albums (Soma Holiday and Indifference), demos, and unreleased tracks. With their leftist slogans and jagged guitar riffs the Proletariat always reminded me of an angrier, more aggro version of early Gang of Four (eh, maybe a stretch). 15 years after first hearing the band I've grown weary Richard Brown's sparse rants on the ills of society, but I still love that beautiful and twisted guitar sound Frank Michaels managed to pull out of his guitar. For that alone this collection is highly recommended.

originally from 1983's Soma Holiday LP
The Proletariat - Decorations.mp3
The Proletariat - Blind.mp3

the b-side to the 1985 Marketplace single
The Proletariat - Death of a Hedon.mp3

originally from 1985's Indifference LP
The Proletariat - Pride.mp3
The Proletariat - Recollections.mp3

A great band website can be found here