Thursday, April 13, 2006


I've been on the road for work the past couple of days, and my iPod is a saving grace for those long car rides and boring nights in the hotel. Sometimes, I forget what I actually have on the damn thing - I put it on shuffle and am usually pleasantly surprised by the stuff that I've forgotten about. Case in point, Crime and their first two singles. You can find the full band history and discography here. I'll let others fight over whether Crime was really "San Francisco's First and Only Rock 'n Roll Band", and where their legacy stands in the annals of punk history. Listen and decide for yourself. I know I think the first two singles still sound fucking fantastic. If you haven't already checked out 2004's San Francisco is Still Doomed then hurry out and get it. It compiles two studio sessions by the band from 1978 and 1979, and alternate takes of the first single. It' worth it just for first 12 tracks alone, which are fucking hot.

from 1976's debut single
Crime - Hot Wire My Heart.mp3
Crime - Baby, You're So Repulsive.mp3

from their 1977 follow up
Crime - Frustration.mp3
Crime - Murder By Guitar.mp3

And because I've been gone for so long I'll throw out the much maligned, new wavish final single from 1980.
Crime - Gangster Funk.mp3
Crime - Maserati.mp3