Friday, March 17, 2006

V/A - Smells Like Smoked Sausages

Christ, I wish I had joined the goddamn Sub Pop Singles club way back when, not necessarily for the investment value but simply to have had a chance at so much cool swag. Smells Like Smoked Sausages was the February/March of 1992 installment of the singles series, a double 7" compilation comprised entirely of Amphetamine Reptile recording artists. I think most of these tracks have never made it to CD, with the exception of the Helmet track. Choice cuts from Tar and Vertigo amongst others, overall this is a solid overview of the AmRep sound at one of its peak periods.

Tar - Deep Throw.mp3
Cows - My Girl.mp3
Vertigo - Dynamite Cigar.mp3
Helios Creed - Hideous Greed.mp3
Helmet - Oven.mp3
Surgery - Our Demise.mp3
Boss Hog - Fire of Love.mp3
God Bullies - Bullet.mp3