Saturday, March 25, 2006

V/A - Kitten

Originally released as Reflex Records "C", Kitten was the follow up to the 1982 Minneapolis compilation Barefoot and Pregnant. Recorded live at infamous Minneapolis punk club Goofy's Upper Deck over the course of two shows in October 1982, Kitten featured 11 bands and a total of 36 tracks. Lots of great noisy Midwestern punk interspersed with some furious hardcore action. Choice cuts are turned in from Husker Du, Red Meat, Exmo-6-Desmo, and Willful Neglect. This was reissued in 1999 with two bonus Husker Du tracks, which you can buy direct from Garage D'Or for just $10. All the info you could possible want on the release has been collected right here. Some samples:

Proud Crass Fools - Bad Moon.mp3
Propaganda - The War Ain't Over.mp3
Exmo-6-Desmo - The Old Bum.mp3
Todlachen - Parasites.mp3
Rifle Sport - Keep on Walkin'.mp3
Willful Neglect - Geeks.mp3
Red Meat - The Circle.mp3
Man Sized Action - Only You.mp3
Husker Du - It's Not Fair.mp3