Wednesday, March 22, 2006


You would think I would have plenty of information about a band from my hometown but I ain't got shit on the Stripminers beyond the basics - They were a trio from Rochester, NY who released two LP's on the Community 3 label. As I recall the local media always tagged the Stripminers as "Avant Garde", but a more apt comparison would be to the late '80's noise sounds generated by the likes of Sonic Youth, Live Skull, and even Dinosaur, Jr. I always thought these guys would have fit well in the Homestead catalog...

from 1988's self-titled 12"
Stripminers - Please, Chief.mp3
Stripminers - Mole Man.mp3
Stripminers - Barn Burning.mp3

from 1989's Divorce Yourself LP
Stripminers - Pigs Before Wine.mp3
Stripminers - Word Food.mp3
Stripminers - Fist.mp3