Saturday, March 04, 2006

Fun With Numbers

I woke up the other day with an strange urge to listen to "20 Eyes" by the Misfits, which lead me to start thinking about a way to include some songs by bands that might not get their own individual post. Maybe some kind of numbers game? After considering songs with numbers, band names that include numbers, album titles with numbers, etc. I ended up with this simple counting game. And after all of that I still didn't find a way to work in "20 Eyes". Here's the first ten, no need to take of your shoes and socks to count unless you're a freak or have been involved in some kind of farming accident:

Fugazi - Song #1.mp3
from their 1990 Sub Pop single (and Dischord single, and Dischord CD)

Bad Religion - Part II (The Numbers Game).mp3
from 1988's Suffer LP, one of the original song ideas for this post

Sheer Terror - Three Year Bitch.mp3
From 1992's Thanks For Nuthin' LP, reissued on the Bulldog Edition double CD.

Volcano Suns - Four Letters.mp3
From 1985's All Night Lotus Party. The first 3 Volcano Suns LP's are all worthwhile (and OOP, I think)

Sugar Shack - Five Weeks Ahead of My Time.mp3
Choice garage snarl - this is the title track from their 1997 album on Estrus

Pagans - Six & Change.mp3
First Pagans single from 1977. This guy just sold one for $885!

Blight - Seven Winds over the Gobi Desert.mp3
Weird noise damage circa 1983 from Tesco Vee and former Fix members on Touch & Go. This is just about to be reissued by T&G.

Husker Du - Eight Miles High.mp3
Mould & Co. own this cover of the Byrds. Originally released as a 7" in 1984

Born Against - Nine Years Later.mp3
From the coincidentally titled 1991 LP Nine Patriotic Hymns for Children

Beasts of Bourbon - Ten Wheels For Jesus.mp3
Countrified skronk from Tex Perkins and some of the Scientists. From 1984's The Axeman's Jazz