Thursday, March 09, 2006

Drive Like Jehu

The middle act in the John Reis - Rick Froberg trilogy, Drive Like Jehu was a giant in the "post-hardcore" scene. Without a doubt Jehu were my favorite of the their collaborations. The band's brief tenure was marked by two albums and this lone single. The albums are both great, but the 1992 7" release by the Merge label is over the top. Reis' explosive guitar shards meld with Froberg's manic vocals to create two near perfect aural stabs (especially on "Bullet Train.."). Swami (run by Reis) has included these tracks on the 2002 reissue of the band's second LP Yank Crime. Check it out:

Drive Like Jehu - Hand Over Fist.mp3
Drive Like Jehu - Bullet Train To Vegas.mp3


  • Buy the Yank Crime reissue direct from Swami