Monday, March 20, 2006

Chosen Few

When it comes to great Australian punk it seems I'm constantly referring to the mega-awesome Murder Punk series that came out in the late 90's. Unlike the Killed By Death or Bloodstains comps the Murder Punk discs (volume 1&2) included full singles by such Aussie legends as the Fun Things, Victims, Scientists, and today's feature the Chosen Few. Hailing from suburban Melbourne, the Chosen Few were a quartet that existed from 1977 to 1979. At the time their lone release was 1978's The Joke's On Us 7" EP. 6 tracks of noisy Stoogified (or Tekified) guitar bliss. The freakouts on "Terminal Rock" alone make this one essential listening, second only to the Fun Things 7" (in my opinion) as one of the great EP's of the period. A band website can be found here. An LP of outtakes, etc called Do The Manic! was released in 1997 and may still be available in some form or another.

The Chosen Few - The Joke's On Us.mp3
The Chosen Few - T.A.L.O.I.G.A.mp3
The Chosen Few - Adolph You Beauty!.mp3
The Chosen Few - Disco Tek Wreck.mp3
The Chosen Few - (Do The Manic) To Kill or Maim, Honey!.mp3
The Chosen Few - Terminal Rock.mp3