Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Beguiled

Details are sketchy when it comes to The Beguiled. I think (but can't confirm) they were from somewhere in Orange County, CA. After releasing an LP on Dionysus in 1988 the Beguiled reappeared and found their mark in 1993 with this here single on Estrus. Fuzzy, swampy, and dark sounds spew forth on this one. Three of the four tracks would be cleaned up enough to appear on 1994's excellent Blue Dirge LP. I myself prefer the raw sounds and rougher vocals of this 7" to the LP. The Beguiled ended soon after the release of Blue Dirge when guitarist Mike Ball was killed by a drunk driver. Bassist Steve Pallow would go on to form the even creepier Necessary Evils

from 1993's Estrus 7"
The Beguiled - Black Gloves.mp3
The Beguiled - Kitten With A Whip.mp3
The Beguiled - She-Devil Rock.mp3
The Beguiled - Woman is Trouble.mp3

from 1994's Blue Dirge LP
The Beguiled - I Walk Alone.mp3
The Beguiled - The Screaming Rummy.mp3