Saturday, February 04, 2006

V/A The Middle Of America

The Middle of America was a compilation featuring Chicago area bands put out as a benefit for Northwestern University's WNUR radio statio. Released in 1984 the comp features most of the happening Chicago bands at the time. The best known tracks here (by Naked Raygun, AOF, Big Black) have been released in other places, which is why I didn't hesitate to part with this record a couple of years ago. With the magic of Soulseek I have since been reunited with the comp. I don't know if this is scheduled to be reissued. Since it is currently OOP you can find the whole thing here. Below are my favorite tracks:

Naked Raygun - I Don't Know.mp3
I'm guessing this is the same version as would appear on Throb Throb

Savage Beliefs - Double Standard.mp3
I don't have much info on Savage Beliefs, other than ex-GI member John Gay sings and plays guitar.

Nadsat Rebel - I am The Wall.mp3
noisy weirdness. Someone will have to fill us in on the Nadsat Rebel story

Out of Order - Survival of the Fittest.mp3
speedy, chunky HC - different than the version that appeared the band's Paradise Lost album

Articles of Faith - Five O' Clock.mp3
a track from AOF's godhead Give Thanks LP

Rights of The Accused - I Came To Dance.mp3
this one is lightening fast HC, the other ROTA tracks here are jokey throwaways. MXV has the ROTA story

Big Black - Hunter's Safety (Tommy Bartlett Dies in Pain).mp3
noisy instro from Racer-X era Big Black

> Dementlieu has a Middle Of America page, as does KFTH