Tuesday, February 28, 2006


This one seemed appropriate, what with it being Mardi Gras and everyone focusing on the New Orleans celebration post-Katrina. This was Scream's final release while a functioning unit, released in 1990 on DSI. The session that spawned these tracks would be released in 1993 as the Fumble LP. Fumble was delicately termed "uneven" by the critics, a nice way of saying it's ahorrible bore. "Mardi Gras" and "Land Torn Down" were far and away the best tracks on the album: noisy, melodic anthems (minus the metal edge that plagued the rest of the album). When this single appeared it single-handedly help remove the bad taste left by their previous "uneven" albums No More Censorship and Banging The Drum. That may be a rough assessment, but I loved these two tracks (and still do). I'll still recommend their landmark album Still Screaming before this - shit, it's s landmark album and still one of my favorites - but this may be the best Scream moment post 1985

Scream - Mardi Gras.mp3
Scream - Land Torn Down.mp3