Wednesday, February 01, 2006

RIP Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts

RIP big man. Not a lot of info, but it's been confirmed that larger than life Poison Idea co-founder and guitarist Tom "Pig Champion" Roberts passed away January 30, 2006. Odd, people were questioning whether or not Pig and others were still alive over here. Here are a couple of my favorite Poison Idea tracks. For those interested, the Darby Crash Rides Again and Filthkick tracks are here:

Poison Idea - Pure Hate.mp3
Poison Idea - Time to Go.mp3
Poison Idea - Laughing Boy.mp3
Poison Idea - Lifestyles.mp3
Poison Idea - Nothing Is Final.mp3
Poison Idea - Getting The Fear.mp3
Poison Idea - Just To Get Away.mp3
Poison Idea - Crippled Angel.mp3