Thursday, February 23, 2006

More Really Red

About a month and a half ago I posted New Strings For Old Puppets by Really Red, asking someone to get on the ball and post both the original B-side to Modern Needs and the Despise Moral Majority EP. A couple of you got crackin' and were able to get me the songs in question. Suburban Voice publisher and Sonic Overload DJ Al Quint hooked me up with a rip of "White Lies". Michael Honch, former guitarist for Hunger Artist and Powerline and genuine stand up guy went one step better, ripping me the whole of Modern Needs and Despise Moral Majority. You guys rule.

Here's the Modern Needs 7" from 1980, featuring a different (slower and weirder) version of "White Lies" than what appeared on the Teaching You The Fear LP. Cool, creepy cover photos to boot:

Really Red - Modern Needs.mp3
Really Red - White Lies.mp3

Despise Moral Majority
was also released in 1980. As Break My Face puts it "The toughest to find in nice condition, but the least essential of the 45's." 4 tracks recorded in live in November 1980, all of which would be properly recorded on Teaching You The Fear. The two b-side tracks were ripped as one track. "A Reminder" is my favorite cut from this one:

Really Red - Entertainment.mp3
Really Red - Starvation Dance.mp3
Really Red - Nico/A Reminder.mp3