Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Leftovers

Here's a nice chunk of raw, snotty and damn near perfect Oz punk from Brisbane's The Leftovers. Relased in 1979, the 3 track Cigarettes & Alcohol 7" is the band's lone effort. If I had a theme song I'm pretty sure it would be "I Only Panic When There's Nothing To Do", but that's besides the point. This platter was included on the awesome Murder Punk series from the 90's, which is where these tracks are from. Ace label Dropkick reissued the 7", an unreleased studio track, and a cache of live stuff in 2003 as The Fucken Leftovers Hate You. Hinman raves about it, though I'm not too keen on the noisy live sound. Dropkick has a sample on their downloads page, decide for yourself. Anyhow, here's the lone 7":

Leftovers - Cigarettes & Alcohol.mp3
Leftovers - No Complaints.mp3
Leftovers - I Only Panic When There Is Nothing To Do.mp3