Monday, February 20, 2006

God Punishes The Eat

A comment on a way old post asked about The Eat's second 7", God Punishes The Eat. I had assumed it had been posted by one of the usual suspects but a check showed it had not. Huh, no love for the Eat? The Miami band's fist release Communist Radio/Catholic Love is one of the top American punk singles. You can check it out here. Tough to live up to a song as good as "Communist Radio", and the second single from the Eat fails to meet the standard (despite some of my favorite cover art). Still, 1980's God Punishes The Eat is a great single full of funny, fuzzy, barely out of the garage punk. I think most of the tracks have been comped in one form or another in the KBD series, but this is all of them in one place. How can all material this still not be reissued?

The Eat - Silly Drug Songs.mp3
The Eat - Nut Cop.mp3
The Eat - Knee Cappin'.mp3

The Eat - Jimmie B. Goode.mp3

The Eat - Dr. Tv.mp3