Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Finding information on the Need A Job 12" by DC's Beefeater has proven to be difficult. The band released two LP's of politically charged, funkified hardcore on Dischord during their short tenure. Sandwiched between was this 12", released in 1986 on the Olive Tree imprint (also home to at least one HR release). Typical Beefeater - impassioned vocals from Tomas Squip, precision bass from Dug Bird, and fiery guitar from Fred Smith. (that I wish was mixed louder) Only six tracks on this one, which means mostly meat rather than filler. I'm not sure if I would go so far as to state Need A Job is better than Plays for Lovers or House Burning Down, but it's a least on par.

Beefeater - In America.mp3
Beefeater - Need A Job.mp3
Beefeater - Laurel Grove.mp3
Beefeater - Apartheid.mp3
Beefeater - Gov't Worker.mp3
Beefeater - Better 'n Me.mp3

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