Saturday, January 21, 2006

V/A - Murders Among Us

Something a little different here, some straight up New York Hardcore circa 1990. This kind of material was my staple 15+ years ago. Most hasn't aged well in my opinion, but I always thought this comp ripped. Vermiform and Combined Effort released Murders Among Us in 1990, providing a different look at the NY hardcore scene than the one presented by the Straight Edge/Youth Crew/Revelation world. The best track here is by Absolution; I had forgotten just how good "Dead and Gone" was and how unique sounding it was at the time. The Born Against and Life's Blood tracks are also great. My only gripe is Nausea - I prefer the band's crustier sounds as represented on their Extinction LP. Vocalist Amy Miret sounds like a shrill 7 year old girl mixed up on helium and speed on this cut. Regardless, a great compilation.

Life's Blood - Human Power.mp3
Absolution - Dead and Gone.mp3
Nausea - Electrodes.mp3
Born Against - The Good Father.mp3

> Middle Aged Youth has an excellent post on Life's Blood for those looking for more info
> My copy of Murders Among Us was stolen years ago. Thanks to reader DK for hooking me up with an excellent rip of the comp.