Saturday, January 07, 2006

V/A - Metal Gives Us A Headache

I can't remember if I stole this record from a long ago friend or if he gave it to me. From what I remember he hated it and I liked it, and after a long night of drinking it somehow found it's way home with me. Not that it's a great coup or anything, but it's nifty little compilation that was put out on Hippycore in 1988. Metal Gives Us A Headache features 6 politically aware tracks from some off the beaten track bands. If I recall Subvert and Desecration were from Arizona while Dead Silence was out of Colorado and Dissent were from South Dakota. The two "biggest" bands (for MRR readers) were East Bay bands Cringer and Stikky. Each song is preceded with a heartfelt message from the band, some of which are kinda funny sounding now to my cynical ears. Like the other Hippycore records I've seen this comes with a nice insert. And like all of the Hippycore records I've owned I've misplaced the insert at some point. Crap. My favorites here are Dead Silence, Dissent, and Stikky

Subvert - What Does It Mean.mp3
Dissent - Abe Lincoln.mp3
Desecration - In a Childs Eyes.mp3
Dead Silence - Sally.mp3
Cringer - Take Back the Night.mp3
Stikky - I Want to Hear Horns.mp3