Monday, January 30, 2006


Fulfilling a request from a reader in China (which blows my mind for some reason), here are both 7" singles from Vancouver, BC's amazing Subhumans. First and foremost is the bands self-released 1978 single Death To The Sickoids, two rough and ready tracks. The bands second 7" Firing Squad was released in 1980 on Quintessence and is a major leap forward in terms of production and song writing. "Firing Squad" is an early underground anthem - a classic melodic punk cut. 1996's compilation CD Pissed Off... With Good Reason collects most of the band's best known songs in various forms and is a nice overview. Personally, I'd like to see a reissue that includes all of the band's studio output (both singles, the 12", and both LP's) while scrapping the live material.

first 7"
Subhumans - Death To The Sickoids.mp3
Subhumans - Oh Canaduh.mp3

second 7"
Subhumans - Firing Squad.mp3
Subhumans - No Productivity.mp3

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