Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Really Red

Since virtually everyone else seems to have done a Really Red post (myself included) I figured why not throw this one in the mix. New Strings For Old Puppets is the bands fourth and final 7", and it may just be my favorite (argue amongst yourselves). Originally released in 1982 on the bands CIA imprint this was briefly available again in the early '90's on their discography CD which is also OOP.

Really Red - I Refuse To Sing.mp3
Really Red - No More Art.mp3
Really Red - Suburban Disease.mp3
Really Red - I Was A Teenage Fuckup.mp3
Really Red - Ode To Kurt Kren.mp3

>Excellent Really Red info at Break My Face
>Teaching You The Fear is regretably the only Really Red in print
>Cover scan courtesy of PunkRock Picture Sleeves
>Now all we need is someone to post the Despise Moral Majority EP, the actual Modern Needs b-side ("White Lie"), and Rest In Pain in full. Get to it.