Thursday, January 05, 2006

Poison Idea

Pick your Poison Idea king - early '80's, svelte (by comparison), hardcore Poison Idea, or late 80's, morbidly obese, speedcore PI? I'll straddle the fence and say I like both - 1983's Pick Your King may be one of best US hardcore 7" of the era while 1990's Feel The Darkness is easily one of my top LP's of the early 90's. Below are two Poison Idea 7"s, one from each period. Darby Crash Rides Again is the band's 1982 demo tape that was released on vinyl by the band in 1989 on their own American Leather label. Most of the songs would be better recorded for Pick Your King:

Poison Idea - Give It Up.mp3
Poison Idea - This Thing Called Progress/In My Headache.mp3
Poison Idea - MIA.mp3
Poison Idea - Think Twice.mp3
Poison Idea - Bounce The Rubble.mp3
Poison Idea - All Right.mp3
Poison Idea - Underage.mp3
Poison Idea - Castration.mp3
Poison Idea - Pure Hate.mp3
Poison Idea - Young Lord.mp3

1988's Filthkick features a crunchier, more powerful sound. This 7" minus ("New Rose") would be coupled with the tracks on the Getting The Fear 12" for 1989's Ian Mackaye 12"

Poison Idea - Hangover Heartattack.mp3
Poison Idea - Drug Revival.mp3
Poison Idea - Ballad of a Pre-op.mp3
Poison Idea - New Rose.mp3