Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Latin Dogs

I really don't know much about Michigan's Latin Dogs. Warning! is their only release, released in 1982. The signature song is "Killed In Jail", which has been comped on both Killed By Death 8.5 and Bloodstains Across The Midwest. The whole record features a twisted, fuzzed out guitar sound that I fucking love, and is further evidence that the Midwest produced some of the most potent, underappreciated bands of the early 80's.

Latin Dogs - Killed in Jail.mp3
Latin Dogs - World Powers.mp3
Latin Dogs - We Are Against What's Wrong.mp3
Latin Dogs - Road Kills.mp3
Latin Dogs - Death To Tyrants.mp3
Latin Dogs - Go To The Window.mp3

> Image from Punk Rock Picture Sleeves
> Anyone have any band info?