Thursday, January 19, 2006


Along with Swiz and Soulside, Ignition provided the soundtrack to my last years of high school, and their songs often evoke many a cool memory. Being a Dischord band I'm sure many of you know the band's history. If not, this should suffice. I was always partial to the bands first two singles, released in 1987 on their own label. While the singles were hard to come by at the time, I was able to pick up a 12" (pictured above) which included both. Dischord compiled the bands singles, album, and 12" as Complete Services in 1995. A check of the Dischord store seems to indicate it's out of print.

first 7"
Ignition - Sinker.mp3
Ignition - Rebuilding.mp3
Ignition - Anxiety Asking.mp3

2nd 7"
Ignition - Anger Means.mp3
Ignition - Proven Hollow.mp3

> Bassist Chris Thomson went on to front Circus Lupus, The Monorchid, and Skull Kontrol. He's currently part of Chicago's Red Eyed Legends.
> Jim H covers Ignition and the first single much better than I could ever hope to. Check it out