Saturday, December 17, 2005

V/A - Bands That Could Be God

This was one of those great used bin finds I would encounter sporadically years ago at the Record Archive in Rochester. How could I go wrong for $3, especially with tracks by Moving Targets and Deep Wound? Bands That Could Be God - The Conflict Compilation was the product of Gerard Cosloy (Conflict zine editor, Homestead Records founder, Matador exec, etc.) and Lou Giardino's Radiobeat label. The comp features 9 relatively unknown (for 1984) bands from the Boston and Western Massachusetts region. Sounds range from hardcore (Outpatients, Deep Wound) to indie guitar rock (Busted Statues) to folksy pop (Salem 66) to just plain weird (Beanbag). Below are my favorites, but all of the individual tracks can be found here

manic, melodic thrash from the Moving Targets, much more chaotic than their later work.
Moving Targets - Changing Your Mind.mp3
Moving Targets - Waiting For The End.mp3
Moving Targets - Selfish.mp3

a fast one and a slow one from Deep Wound, this is their only official appearance beyond their 7"
Deep Wound - You're False.mp3
Deep Wound - Time To Stand.mp3

underappreciated HC from Western Mass
Outpatients - Light Blue.mp3
Outpatients - Fight.mp3

melodic HC that reminds me of the DC sound.
Sorry - One More Step.mp3
Sorry - My Word.mp3

I don't know anything about Busted Statues, but to me this sounds like a more jangly Wipers or Mission of Burma
Busted Statues - Blue Cheer.mp3