Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Sin 34

Someone made a request for Sin 34 a couple of weeks (months?) ago, and I figured it was high time that I obliged. The brief Sin 34 story goes like this - band forms in LA in 1981, releases a single and a LP in addition to countless compilation appearances before splitting in 1984. Former drummer Dave Markey offers the full story on his website. The Die Laughing 7" featured here is pretty standard early '80's hardcore with some great basslines and the added twist of a female vocalist (Julie Lanfeld). My faves include "American America" and "Join The Race". This 7" and the band's LP Do You Feel Safe? are both out of print and, according to the story above, most likely never to be reissued.

Sin 34 - American America.mp3
Sin 34 - Children Shall Not Be Heard.mp3
Sin 34 - The Uniform.mp3
Sin 34 - 12 Hour Trip.mp3
Sin 34 - Join The Race.mp3

>>GTA released Die Listening - 1981-1984 which compiles demos, comp tracks, and live material.