Thursday, December 22, 2005


Nunfuckers - Dead and on the Floor EP

I can't think of a band name that better exemplifies the Christmas spirit than the Nunfuckers. Fulfilling a request from the Sons of Ishmael post, the Nunfuckers are another Ontario, CA band playing a similar style of goofy, hyper hardcore. Take a look at the cover of their lone 7", 1987's Dead and On The Floor. That drawing sums up the band and it's sound better than I ever could (translation - I don't know shit about the band). Be forewarned the sound is pretty rough - take it for what it's worth:

Nunfuckers - Decimation.mp3
Nunfuckers - Moving On.mp3
Nunfuckers - Snap.mp3
Nunfuckers - My Shit.mp3
Nunfuckers - Up Your Ass With All Your Gossip.mp3

Nunfuckers - Social Butterfly.mp3
Nunfuckers - Blood Bath.mp3
Nunfuckers - Burning Chemicals.mp3
Nunfuckers - My Mom and Dad.mp3
Nunfuckers - Cheap Friends.mp3
Nunfuckers - Spoiled Brats.mp3