Monday, December 05, 2005


This one seemed like a perfect tie-in to the previous post, given the Dave Rice connection. L-Seven were an early Detroit "post punk" band, for lack of a better term. L-Seven existed from 1980 to 1983, featuring Rice on guitar and Larissa Strickland (pre Laughing Hyenas ). The band's sole legacy is this 3 song 7" on Touch & Go records. The bands sound didn't fit with the other bands on the label, so T&G decided to release the record on the one-off 'Special Forces' sub-label. Anyone looking for in-depth band info should definitely check out the Punk Vault's post on this record - tons of first-hand info. As for this record, well the tracks are all excellent, think along the lines of Fly On A Wire era Effigies with female vocals. "Clear Vision" is my favorite

L-Seven - Insanity.mp3
L-Seven - Secrets.mp3
L-Seven - Clear Vision.mp3

  • Guitarist Dave Rice's page
  • Touch & Go's L-Seven page
  • Anyone know whatever happened to Larissa Strickland?