Monday, December 12, 2005

Child Molesters

You would think that with the proliferation of punk rock websites that I could turn up some band info on LA's Child Molesters, but I can't find anything of substance. Anyone familiar with the Killed By Death/Bloodstains series will know the band, as most of the material from the band's early singles has been comped. Below are the bands first two singles in all of their sloppy, crude, anti-social glory. Also, two tracks from 1981's 12" Wir Lieben Die Jugendlich Madchen (a title I'm almost afraid to translate). All originally released on Ace & Duce, I think some of this has been reissued by SFTRI.

from 1978's debut 7"
Child Molesters - (I'm The) Hillside Strangler.mp3
Child Molesters - Don't Worry Kyoko.mp3

from 1979's second 7"
Child Molesters - (I Wanna See Some) Wholesale Murder.mp3
Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You (In the Face).mp3

from 1981's Wir Lieben die Jugendlich Madchen 12"
Child Molesters - I'm So Fucked Up.mp3
Child Molesters - 13 Is My Lucky Number.mp3


  • Break My Face has the collectors take on the first single