Monday, November 14, 2005

Toxic Reasons

Following the Veterans Day post and at the behest of a generous reader, here are the first two 7"s from Dayton, OH legends Toxic Reasons. For those unfamiliar you can find a band history here. Toxic Reasons began in 1979 and kept on releasing albums until their demise in 1995. Arguably their best era was the 1979-1983 period when their sound was a near perfect blend of both the snarl and crunch of American hardcore along with the tempos and melodies of classic Britpunk. They would release two singles (War Hero and Ghost Town - both below) during this period before recording their debut album Independence. The material on Independence was mostly rehashed from the bands singles in addition to their tracks the Master Tapes and Process of Elimination compilations. No matter, the album is a must have. And while I enjoy some of their later material (notably 1984's Kill By Remote Control), these early tracks are really the best representation of the band.

From 1980's War Hero 7"
Toxic Reasons - War Hero.mp3
Toxic Reasons - Somebody Help Me.mp3

From 1981's Ghost Town 7"
Toxic Reasons - Ghost Town.mp3
Toxic Reasons - Killer.mp3
Toxic Reasons - Noise Boys.mp3


  • Independence is still in print, buy it at Beer City Records
  • Dressed for the H Bomb has Toxic Reason's 1984 God Bless America 7"
  • Pics from Ohio Punk Discography and Punk Rock Picture Sleeves