Friday, November 04, 2005

I Think I've Had It

AKA I Don't Need This Fucking Shit. Oh man, what a fucking lousy week this has been, fraught with work problems, family problems, frustration, anger, and stress. To top it all Blogger ate my first draft of this post. Fuck. Given all that this is going to be brief. Do these really need any explanation?

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown.mp3
Dead Silence - Stress.mp3
N.O.T.A. - Frustration.mp3
Ramones- Go Mental.mp3
Hunches - Got Some Hate.mp3
Queens of The Stone Age - Everybody Knows You're Insane.mp3
Child Molestors - I'm Gonna Punch You in the Face.mp3

I'm hoping to get back on my regular posting schedule next. Also, I'm way behind when it comes to answering mail. So if you've sent me something and I haven't written back, well now you know. I hope to clear the backlog soon.