Friday, November 18, 2005

The Fix

Yeah, I've written about The Fix before (once, twice, thrice), as have others, so I apologize if this isn't shedding new light. I've gotten a couple of requests for some of Lansing's finest and I feel obliged to make sure everyone has a chance to hear their two legendary 1981 releases. Plus, Dementlieu has an updated Fix page that has an absolute ton of info on the band. If you don't think "Vengeance" is one of the great hardcore songs I'm going to come to your house and punch you in the face. OK, not really, but what are you prepared to throw on the slab against it?

From 1981's Vengeance/In This Town 7" on Touch & Go
The Fix - Vengeance.mp3
The Fix - In This Town.mp3

From 1981's Jan's Rooms EP on T&G
The Fix - Cos The Elite.mp3
The Fix - Truth Right Now.mp3
The Fix - Signal.mp3
The Fix - Off To War.mp3

A couple of tracks that were included on the OOP Cold Days compilation that Lost & found released 10-15 years ago. The first two are from the 1980 sessions that produced the Vengeance 7". The last two are from the Jan's Rooms sessions
The Fix - Candy Store.mp3
The Fix - Famous #1.mp3
The Fix - Famous #2.mp3
The Fix - Rat Patrol.mp3