Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Another one of my favorite noise rock bands, Surgery originally formed while students at Syracuse University before relocating to New York City in the late '80's. In NYC they became part of the underground rock scene that produced the likes of Helmet, Unsane, and Boss Hog. Surgery's sound wasn't as pummeling as some of their contemporaries, instead infusing a blues/boogie backdrop with shards of noise guitar, feedback, and growling vocals. Like Helmet, they would join the Amphetamine Reptile stable and go on to release 3 singles, an LP, a 10" and numerous compilation cuts before signing with Atlantic to release 1994's Shimmer. The two proper albums (the aforementioned Shimmer and 1990's Nationwide) are the best starting point for the curious. Personally, I always preferred the singles, especially "Little Debbie"/"Queen To Queens Level Three". I finally tracked down the "Not Going Down" single this year after years of searching. Funny how this things work, it seems I'm finding "Not Going Down" everywhere now. As far as I know these things are all out of print, and can usually be found on Ebay for reasonable amounts.

from their 1989 debut 7"
Surgery - Not Going Down.mp3
Surgery - Blow Her Face.mp3

1990 - Scale 27
Surgery - Feedback.mp3
Surgery - Fried.mp3

1992 - Scale 45 also released on CD5 with an extra track ("Exquisite")
Surgery - Little Debbie.mp3
Surgery - Queen To Queens Level Three.mp3


  • Singer Sean McDonnell passed away in 1995 as a result of asthma attack
  • Surgery also released a 12" called Souleater in 1989 on Circuit/Glitterhouse. I can't remember my source, but AmRep apparently rejected the album due to poor production and weak songs. A listen to the record confirms this [EDIT - a very informed source states that this wasn't true - Surgery entered into an agreement with Circuit before signing to AmRep]
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  • While we're talking AmRep, can anyone help me out with the following ecords? Prefer vinyl but mp3's are fine...
    Lonely Moans - Scale 14
    Gear Jammer - first 7"
    Thee Headcoates/Lollipop Split 7"
    Silver Salute - 4 Song 7" on Teenage Burrito
    Bludgeon - AmRep #1 that came with an issue of Your Flesh magazine