Monday, October 24, 2005

Social Distortion - demos

Someone out there has to know the real deal on this. Perusing Soulseek I came across what is purported to be Social Distortion's first demo tape from 1979. Now, if this were really from 1979 then it would most likely include the original lineup of Mike Ness with Rikk Agnew on guitar, Frank Agnew on bass, and Casey Royer on drums. I can't find any evidence that this lineup actually recorded anything before the Agnews and Royer split to form the Adolescents. I suspect these tracks are actually from 1980 or 1982 or so, as "Lude Boy" and "Telling Them" sound like the same versions as those that appeared on the comp Hell Comes To Your House. I'm pretty sure the remainder were cleaned up for official release as Mainliner: Wreckage From the Past. The versions here appear to be nth generation dubs complete with tape hiss and volume issues. Take them for what their worth:

Social Distortion "1979" Demo
Social Distortion - All The Answers.mp3
Social Distortion - Lude Boy.mp3
Social Distortion - Mainliner.mp3
Social Distortion - Moral Threat.mp3
Social Distortion - Orange County Jail.mp3
Social Distortion - Playpen.mp3
Social Distortion - Telling Them.mp3