Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Riverboat Gamblers

I don't care what anyone says, I dig the Riverboat Gamblers. I've read a great deal criticism of them on various message boards that state the Gamblers records are "too rock", or their shows are "too choreographed", or they're "rockstars" for playing the Warped Tour. Hell, I too was skeptic, but a listen to 2003's Something To Crow About made me a believer. It flat out smokes. Their 2001 self titled is also a worthwhile rawk investment. To me the band sounds like a tougher version of the Supersuckers jamming with Sugar Shack, cranking out melodic, anthemic rock action. Good stuff.

Despite all of the praise I'll warn you off of 2004's Backsides, which is supposedly a 'contractual obligation' deal. By comparison to the previous releases Backsides is relatively mediocre, dragged down by lackluster songs and muddy production. I'm hoping the band's planned next album (supposedly being recorded now) plays like proper follow up to Something To Crow About. Here's a couple:

from 2001's self-titled debut
Riverboat Gamblers - Jenna.mp3
Riverboat Gamblers - Drink Alone.mp3

from 2003's Something To Crow About
Riverboat Gamblers - Rattle Me Bones.mp3
Riverboat Gamblers - Ice Water.mp3

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