Saturday, October 29, 2005

Red Snerts

Gulcher Records has been putting out Midwest punk, garage, and new wave records for close to 30 years now. Their 1981 all Indiana compilation Red Snerts - The Sound of Gulcher runs the gamut of Indiana's underground music scene, from the no wave sounds of the Dancing Cigarettes to the classic punk of the Zero Boys. In between there's everything from pseudo-dub (Amoebas in Chaos) to ska (Freddy & The Fruitloops) to art damage (A. xax). 16 bands altogether. As a result of this variety Red Snerts can be an up and down ride like so many early punk/new wave comps. Still, I find this an enjoyable "time capsule" release, with the Dow Jones & The Industrials and The Panics tracks being my top tracks. Gulcher reissued Red Snerts on CD in 2001 and it's still available.

The Gizmos - The Midwest Can Be Alright.mp3
The Panics - Drugs Are For Thugs.mp3
The Defekts - Peer Pressure.mp3
E-In Brino - Indianapolis.mp3
Zero Boys - New Generation.mp3
Dow Jones & The Industrials - Ladies With Appliances.mp3


  • A comprehensive Red Snerts page complete with insert pages and band info
  • E-In Brino is actually Paul Mahern of the Zero Boys and ???? Any info?
  • Gulcher Releases available from Midheaven Mailorder