Friday, October 14, 2005

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

I think it's been 8 straight days of rain now, but to be honest I've kind of lost track. My area ain't as bad as other parts of the Northeast US, but it's been bad enough to flood the basement and generally make life miserable. Doesn't appear to be any end in sight, either. What the fuck? Anyhow, here's a playlist for a rainy day. Sorry, "It's Raining Men" wasn't available.

from 1994's Palomino Pizza 12"
Cosmic Psychos - Rain Gauge.mp3

from 2003's excellent Complete Recordings 1976-1979
Testors - Rainy Night.mp3

from 1988's landmark Daydream Nation double LP
Sonic Youth - Rain King.mp3

an aural bludgeoning from 1998's Occupational Hazard
Unsane - Smells Like Rain.mp3

Vic Bondi's '90's group. From their second album
Alloy - Hard Rain.mp3

one of my favorites from 1987's Huevos LP
Meat Puppets - Look At The Rain.mp3

Lead track From 2002's Time Bomb High School
Reigning Sound - Stormy Weather.mp3