Thursday, October 06, 2005

Questions & Recommendations

A couple of things:

  • Is anyone receiving popup messages when loading this site? I'm trying to determine if this is a spyware issue on my machine or something that's been added to my template. Nothing against people that have ads, etc on their sites, but I'm not interested in making money of this. Just so everyone know that I haven't added anything deliberately.
  • My needle is shot. Can anyone recommend a good cartridge or stylus? I'm currently using a Stanton D72E cartridge with an old Pioneer turntable and I'm having trouble finding info on stylus replacement or cartridge replacement. Recommendations appreciate.
  • If you have the chance I'd recommend seeing Bob Mould on this latest tour. Full band, songs from Sugar and Husker Du, very energetic and loud. We saw the Toronto show and it was well worth the drive.
  • Anyone listening to anything good? I'm spinning my wheels trying to find something new and exciting.