Monday, October 10, 2005

The Plugz

I'm not sure if Los Angeles's The Plugz really were the first Latino American punk band, (claims I've read multiple places) but when it comes down to it does it really matter? Ethnicity aside, The Plugz 1978 debut 7" is a classic punk record plain and simple. All three tracks from the Slash released disc have been comped on the Killed By Death/Bloodstains series, for good reason - they're twitchy punk gems. Guitarist/vocalist Tito Larivva would form his own label Fatima to release the bands follow up 7" and LP's, 1979's Electrify Me and 1981's Better Luck. [Edit - Electrify Me wasn't released on Fatima - it was released on the Plug label]
The LP's are pretty good, but are tame when compared to the spitfire first single. Hard to believe this material is out of print considering the reissue craze of the past 10 years, but it appears this is the case. Take a listen:

From 1978's Move 7"
Plugz - Move.mp3
Plugz - Mindless Contentment.mp3
Plugz - Let Go.mp3

From 1979's Electrify Me LP
Plugz - The Cause.mp3
Plugz - Adolescent.mp3
Plugz - Berzerktown.mp3


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